Oma, Opa, Dionne, Naiya and a 90th Birthday - 1

Hi Mom and Dad, Happy Spring.

This is a picture of our babies. (I think we really do need to get the cats soon) WE have been obsessing on these guys for the past several weeks. They finally flew out of the nest the day before the big storm last week.

We first noticed the nest and the little eggs, right outside the front door at the base of the tree. It's a little strange that they nested so low, but the momma must have felt safe in our entry way. For weeks we watched these two little guys grow, and grow and grow. They finally pushed pieces of the nest away as they were getting tooooooo big. Every morning, afternoon and evening we would all check on them to make sure they were still alive and not eaten by anything else in this crazy wildlife backyard. Last year a mockingbird nested and something got her babies. So we were totally stressed for days. Every morning we would say, "They made it through the cold night". Every afternoon, we would say "they are still there". Every night we would sigh in relief and yell out, "momma has made it back to the nest". One day when she did not make it back at a decent hour we freaked out. We thought maybe she flew into a wall or window, or possibly got eaten by a hawk. So we did some research, got a hummingbird feeder, and wished they would just get big enough to fly. The next day we saw the mom. I kinda gave her a good talking too about how she needs to stay near her family. Later we figured she was there all along. She was just too big to sleep on top of them. So now when we go outside we see all three flying around. I can't imagine how it's going to be when we have cats to worry about.

Well just thought you would like our little story.
Love you, Kimi