Summer: Part II

I finished Paul's tooth pillow... now, if he would only lose some teeth.

Greeting from Under-construction World. The weather finally showed up in San Diego. While you guys were having record breaking temps, we were in the fog, and moisture and ocean cloud layer with temps in the high 60's. Then the clouds moved this past week, and bam, Monsoon weather. You can see the colors in the sky. It's been in the 90's for us and higher temps around the county. The humidity is in the mid 70's, not that bad, but bad enough. We finally turned the AC on. As for the construction, The Spa was kinda falling apart. Erin said it looked like it had some kind of Cancer. So Vincent is having it repaired. They scrapped everything out of it so far, and will have to redo the inside again. They started the job last Wednesday. Too bad for the worker. It was so hot. We had him move the umbrella so that he would get some shade while he was sanding in the spa. He did not come back on Friday. We are told it will all be done by this Friday. I'm keeping my fingers crossed tight. The buckets are filled with all the stuff that has been scrapped so far, and there is more inside the spa. I have no idea how many buckets he has already thrown in his truck. It seems like this job will never get finished. I can't believe how much we use the spa, especially at night. It's so fun to listen to all the night wildlife things happening in the canyon behind us. The kids are missing the spa too. They aren't too excited to swim unless they get to go in the spa. Oh, and we might get to have a hole built in so that we can put an umbrella in the spa. That will be fun to have some shade during the day time. We will see.

Just look at the colors in the sky, I feel like we are in Hawaii. Monsoon weather. On this day, which was Friday, we had the weird weather which also brought, thunder, lightning, and freak showers. Erin even got hail on his way home.

Erin being funny!

On Thursday, Eden and Kaleigha came over for a sleep-over. THe kids are in Paul's room rehearsing a play called "No Bath Tonight". They each had their own lines. When we did the last reading, they sounded great. Then they were done with it. It was a lot of fun seeing them try it out. I can't believe they got as far as they did. Paul and Kaleigha needed a little help which frustrated Kelly and Eden.