Kelly's birthday

Last day of Summer, time to break down the pool. Paul had a deal with mom and Swim instuctor Damon, that when he started swimming on his own, and take breaths, and start learning zippers, and dive to the bottom of the pool for toys... he would get his Aligator Raft. And so he did. On the last week of Summer, Paul completed his task. He is only doing these things at swim school. HE's actually one of the best kids in class. He will only swim in our pool with the vest on. It took a lot to get him to sit on this aligator for the picture. He's going for one more set of classes to really be sure that he is water safe.
Love that little guy!!!!

I got Kelly a raft too. It's a whale. IT's pretty tricky. She has to balance on it to stay on it. After about 10 times of falling off the whale and laughing sooooo much, Kelly figured it out, and loves her whale. Look for Surf pictures in the future. I can definitely see her surfing when she's older.
MY little California Girl!

Witt kids love the pool.