Breast Cancer 3-day - 2007

Training Update 2 October 2007
Closing ceremonies 11-17-07

7 November 2007

Hi family and friends.

I just wanted to thank you one last time for all of your kind donations, inspiration, and support. I'm packing my bags as I write this message. I'm all ready for my 60 miles this weekend. I had a wonderful sports conditioning massage today, to prep my muscles for the long haul. You can go to the website if any of you need information regarding cheering stations, closing ceremonies, or anything else. You can also follow the route a little, it's not hard to find. Just look for about 6000 people dressed in pink stuff. Follow the coast to Mission Bay, then on Sunday to Petco park.
Well, thank you again, and know that your donation is going towards such a wonderful cause, not just for me to be able to walk, but for the true fight for the cure.

Love you all,
Kim Witt

11 September 2007

These are the generous family and friends who have helped me towards reaching my goal.
Goal to Reach = 2200.00
Amount Raised as of 10-02-07 = 1365.00
Thank you very much to those who have donated!

  • Family:
  • Kathy Russo - Survivor
  • Nancy Naimo
  • Jeanne Russo
  • Anke and Barry Witt
  • Dionne Witt
  • Jan and Everette Mashburn
  • Tracy and Rob Mckay
  • Glenn and Margie Mashburn
  • Bea Mashburn
  • Scott Lopez and Tracy
  • Janet Cohen

  • Friends:
  • Don and Deana La Plume
  • Julie and Mike Lynch
  • Erin and Tony Smith
  • Rebecca Ruiz and Jason Conner
  • Leslee Gilmore
  • Susan Green

  • Match Donations:
  • VP Racing

Friends and Family,
Aloha, I did it, and I'm going to do it again. My 3 day experience was incredible last year, and I have decided to walk one more time. My 3 day journey in November 2006 was so wonderful, and such a growing experince for me. I walked on a team called the Butterfly Boobies, camped in the rain, walked 60 miles in 3 days, was on KUSI morning show with Dave Scott, lost 2 toe nails, didn't get any blisters, and met some incredible people who are survivors, or are fighting for their lives. I also met some amazing people who walked for their families or friends who have survived, or are surviving or have past away. My initial reasons for walking are for those who have touched my life and have had breast cancer. To name a few, Paula La Plume, Sheri Chamney, Janet from quilt class, close family friend Tori, and now another family member, Aunt Kathy. I will be walking for them this Novemember. My other reason is so that my children will never have to walk for the cure. With so much research now and more to come, I feel that every dollar that I raise and every mile that I walk will benefit those now and for the future of others. With the walk last year and all the training walks, I have over 900 miles under my belt and have started with the next 900 miles. I haven't deciced on walking on a team yet, but have decided to be the new Super Girl walking with the belief and energy to manifest a world where we are all healthy and free of cancer. I'm asking again for your support this year. I would love to add your name to the necklace that I wear and walk with, that has all the initials of those who people who are supporting me with every mile. Your donation is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your wonderful warm wishes and support.
Love Kim
Kim Mashburn Witt
Kim Witt
The Kimster

8 September 2007

This is Charlotte, or Training walk leader. She organizes our walks every weekend. This is her third year walking, and she even has her husband walking and training with us.

Our training walk today was over 10 miles in Carlsbad. Next week is our first back to back training which is probably about 15 miles on Saturday and under 15 on Sunday.
This Picture is of Sheri and myself. Sheri is the first person I decided to do the walk for. She is A Survivor of 6 years. She is doing great. She is walking and running everyday now, and doing 40 to 50 mile bike rides with her soon to be hubby Steve on the weekends. She is Awesome.

Sharon, Laura, and Marilyn, on today's walk. Sharon and I seem to be walking partners, and have our own team name now of Super Girls Saving Boobies. Jerry and Pat have joined our team too. Laura and Marilyn trained with us last year, and have become great walking buddies of ours this year.