How To Put on your Shoes (1-26-79)

    One day my dad said to me "Put on your shoes!"
    and I said "No!" So I got a spanken so I ran away and I did not come back for a long time. And my mother was crying for a long time but she got used to me being gone. So one day I came back home and my dad was very mad so he whiped me with an electrical wire and it cut my fingers off!
So I ran away and killed myself by jumping of a bridge that went over the Grand Canyon. And they found my body lying in a cactus dead. My dad never liked me anyways neither did my mom. I never liked them or my sister Dionne she would allways bug me when I was working on my organ or anything like that and we fought a lot.

When I was in heven jesus was checking of every ones name to make sure that saintent did not take anyone and there was one missing there was one extra person up there, and it was me. So he sent me back to earth and from then on I put on my shoes first thing in the morning, and I liked every body except my sister.