This was not for punishement,
this was for money one summer...
Write about Randall Apples,
use the words of his name in as many ways as you can.

Apples, Apels (July 1982)

There I was in the middle of the Apels Desert. By the way I am an... well I... I'm an alien. Not from this universe... oh no I am not a simpleton, but a highly sophisticated electric unit called Randel. I don't run on gas or a nuclear battery... But a rare fuel known as apples. Now in the middle of the desert you can't find apples just anywhere, but this is of coarse the Apels desert, so of I went to find my apples. Soon I met a man named Randell wearing an appel he said to me, "To reach the rare fuel you will have to ask the great Randehl he will know where you can aquire your apples."
So off I went to find this great Randehl character. Well, when I found the Randehl It turned out to be just a simple, plain, dull, old tree.

By Erin Witt

  1. After being boiled in apple juice, someone has the nerve to ask me if I want an apple to munch on.
  2. There we were in the middle of nowhere, wearing nothing but a randahl.
  3. Hey Randell, you wouldn't happen to have an extra apel would you?
  4. As I woke up I stepped out of bed, slipped on my slippers and found an old friend in my kitchen named Randel who also loved apples.
  5. Apples, apples, get your fresh apples, 25 cents a pound, that is what I used to do for a living, and now I shine shoes.

Randahl Apples
Contest (July 1982)

  1. I won't worry, Randel will come home when he's good and ready.
  2. Hey apples, look out!
  3. "Here's Randel comin down the home stretch!" the announcer yelled.
  4. Run Apples, get the hell out o' here!
  5. There stood Randel, behind the tree, waiting...

By Dionne Witt