Our Family Christmas 2007
at Erin & Kim's Place

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DATE:  8 December
TIME: Arrive around 12:00 Noon;   Dinner will be around 2:00 to 3:00 pm
WHERE:  Erin & Kim's
Elijo Hills, CA

Kim and I have finalized our ideas for the Christmas party on the 8th. We are planning a traditional holiday meal with a few main dishes, like ham and maybe a rib roast or something, plus lots of other traditional/favorite side dishes (if you have a nice meat dish you would like to bring-one of your fantastic creations, let me know). Our family cooks can make their favorite meals if they like, or try something new. Either way, it should be scrumptious.
Julie ;-)

...........Menu (12-5-07)

Hello All,

Kimi and I were speaking about reinstating some sort of gift exchange for our holiday gathering, which, by the way, has been decided for December 8th at Erin and Kim's place in San Marcos. The doors will open around noon, with our feasting extravaganza commencing between 2-3 pm. More to come on the dinner menu in my next email (you can't wait, can you!!!???).

Here are a few things we came up with to add to the joys of the day. Obviously it's not mandatory, but it would be more fun to have everyone participate (in other words, don't be a party-pooper!!! Ha-ha!)

1. For the adults... we thought it might be fun to do a Beverage Exchange. What that means is, each person brings the beverage of his/her choice. It could be something like goodies for making a cup of hot chocolate, or perhaps a bottle of one's favorite libation. Anything that is a beverage is fair game. Just wrap it up, then we'll do a white elephant exchange where people can trade (okay, it's more like stealing!) for a different gift if they want, or they can fight to keep the one they have (not REAL fighting of course; it's the fine art of distracting someone away from your gift and towards someone else's gift or smiling sweetly at them to guilt them into leaving your precious prize ALONE!). And we don't want anyone going broke over this, so let's cap the spending at $15---you can get A LOT for less than that, for sure!

2. For the kiddies... how about a book exchange? Each child brings a new, wrapped book (technically it's the parents who bring the same number of books as they have children), then the kids can each select a package and open their surprise! How fun! And no, we won't make this into a White Elephant exchange (can you imagine the tears and screaming that would ensue!!! NOT a good idea for this crowd! "Mommy, he stole my Cat in the Hat! WAAAAHHHHHHH!")!

Okay, so there you have it! Tomorrow marks exactly one month until our party! Yippee! Have a fabulous day!


Great job Julie, I couldn't have said it as well as you.

There is a further note. For the grandparents, if you would like to do a book exchange for your grandkids, then bring wrapped books for as many grandkids that you have. Example: Jeanne - 3 books, Anke - 3 books unless Slade decides to join in on the gift exchange, then it would be 5. Wow, you have 5 grandkids, yikes. Nancy - 1 or 3 depending on Anthony's decision on the exchange as well. So for those who aren't coming to the gala, please let us know if you are deciding to do the exchange. We wouldn't want anyone left out.

Happy Holidays.

I LOVE THIS IDEA! Count me in! But I do have a question. Should the children's books have their names on a tag in the event they are age specific?

And the meal: I don't want to see anyone foot the bill for an extravagant meal. So in the planning perhaps it would be best to send us an assigned dish or an amount of money to help pay for the main course. (just a suggestion)
Jules, I loved your email, you are making this fun before we even get started!
Much Love, Jeanne

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