Christmas Dinner at Erin & Kim's

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Date: Saturday, 4 December
Arrive time: 2:00 pm
Dinner time: 3:00 pm-ish
Place: 958 Baylor Dr, San Marcos

26 November 2004

We are just about one week away from our Holiday Family Get Together.
Let us all remember what the holiday season is truly about. Let's remember those who will not be there, and celebrate with those who will.

          As we prepare for our special occasion, let us come from our hearts and bring that special feeling to our family event.
          Let's put aside the stress and the worries, the gloom (if any), and anything that will take us away from truly celebrating together.

By now you all should have received a personal e-mail asking for some specific things. If you have not received the e-mail, please don't hesitate to ask either Marc or myself. We apologize for the delay, and hope that the event itself will help you all to understand why we have changed a few things this year. If you have forgotten the names that you drew, please refer to Gram. Marc and I, plus our little holiday helpers, you know who you are, are excited about our event and can't wait to share it with you. Maybe someday there will be a holiday movie about our family Christmas.

For those who can't be there, could you give us a specific time when you could be near a phone, so that we could give you a quick call, and wish you a happy holiday season together.

WWhat a way to start your holidays. I can just hear it now. Thank you again for trusting us. Have a wonderful week, and we will see you next Saturday.

Love Kim

Gift exchange: You should all have your names. This year we have a $5 limit, wrapped in love... it's the thought that counts.
Love, Gram

Dear Loved Ones,

With a smile on my face, I'm greeting you with news of Christmas. It's fun to "talk" to all of you. At a meeting last Sunday, we discussed and eliminated and added and came to the conclusion that the only Saturday available in Dec. was the 4th. It seems as we get closer to the 25th and all the hub bub of the holiday preparation, the 4th was the most desirable.

Also... the meeting has been moved to Eliso Hills. Kimi is excited to decorate early and will welcome us with open arms to their new home (which is lovely). She and Marc are a committee of two to plan the menu which will be forthcoming as soon as they have decided.

Also... everyone was in agreement that last years "Make the gift" or purchase a gift, not to exceed $5.00, not including tax, is a great way to go. I still remember with mouth-watering, the soup mix I received. So many great ideas...

Also... the names have been drawn, in secret, and will be coming to you in a separate e-mail... watch your puter!! Also... if too many are not in favor of this arrangement we'd be glad to hear. This isn't set in concret but it is a good start. We realize that it won't be 100% as that's the way most plans go. Looking forward to your input. We send our love, as always, grampa and gramma

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