Christmas Dinner at Gramma Nita's

Date: 27 December 2003
Arrive time: 11:ish
Dinner time: 2:ish

Dear Loved Ones,

Let's have a "show and tell", more or less as we share a Christmas that is memorable for whatever reason. From childhood to even this Christmas. It's fun to remember good times.

Jackie and Virgil will join us and we will miss Robert, Erin & Kimi. But we will have the joy of our 5 babies... whee! If you have any in-put or changes just e-mail, we aim to please.

This is late coming but the preparation is nil. We will all be over-stuffed from Christmas so our fare is light and easy. Our menu:


  • Five Star Potato Soup-Jeanne
  • Build your own sandwiches:
    • Crescent Rolls-- Julie & Jim
    • Hoagie Rolls, Lettuce & Sl.Tomatos-- Nancy & Tony
    • Condiments-- Anita & Johnny
    • 1# Beef-- Dionne
    • 1# Turkey-- Anke & Barry
    • 1# Ham-- Stephanie & Anthony
    • 1#Turkey-- Kelli & Slade
    • 1# Provolone Cheese-- Valynn & Marc
    • 1# Swiss-- Renee and Adam
      This best sliced thin for sandwiches.
  • Fruit-- Kim & Erin
  • Bean Salad, Soda, Sparkling Grape/Apple Cider-- Anita & Johnny
  • Ice Cream/toppings for make your own sundaes-- Anita & Johnny

Gift exchange: You should all have your names. This year we have a $5 limit, wrapped in love... it's the thought that counts.
Love, Gram

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