Christmas Dinner at Gramma Nita's

Date: 14 December 2002
Arrive time: 12:00 noon
Dinner time:

It's November 10, well what do you know
     My goodness this year, just where did it go!
          There's visions of turkey and family and fun
               Filling my head as I'm counting each one.

We're coming together from hither and yon
     To laugh and to hug, play games, and have fun
          There's shopping and wrapping, so much to do
               But it'll be glorious, just being with you.
                    ...and that's the truth.

Hi Family,

We will gather at the Hamlet on December 14th about Noonish. There will be 18 of us this year. We will miss hugging Dionne and Robert, but we will hold them in our hearts.

Does everyone know what a 'cheap happy' is? That is the present we are going to give to our "name" and it will be made or purchased for up to, but not over $5.00 (not including tax). Won't it be fun to see how inventive we can be!

We will also bring a, not over $1.00 gift wrapped and taped in the Sunday Funnies. These will be put in a basket, to be chosen from by the winners of the fun games.


  • Beverages: Sodas, Tea, Coffee, Milk, Punch as usual (wine drinkers will bring whatever)
  • Antipasti - Barry
  • Quiche - Slade
  • Salad - Gram
  • Turkey Breast - Gram
  • Gravy - Gram
  • Dressing - Kimi
  • Potatoes -
  • Cranberry relish - Valynn
  • "Undisclosed" vegetable dish - Adam
  • Creamed-Spinach Gratin - Anke
  • Hawaiian Sweet Potatoes (again) - Jeanne
  • Rolls - Julie
  • Secret Harbor Cheesecake - Nancy

If you have another idea which you would rather add to the menu, feel free. It certainly isn't carved in stone..... ta ta for now

Something new for the gift exchange this year...

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