Christmas at Glen & Vera's 2006

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Menu / Wish List (optional)


Okay, we are doing the $50 gift exchange, so please email me with your "wish list" and I will get back to you ASAP with your exchange person.

As far as food, I will make the turkey, stuffing and potatos. Could you just email me with what you want to bring--vegetable, dessert, sweet potato, etc. Thanks!!!


Hi, Put me down for bringing the cranberry sauce, and whatever else is needed.


I think it would be best if we choose something for our recipient rather than just doing their shopping for them. Personally I would like something that makes you feel good to give. I love you all.

-Erin witt

Ola from the Pacific Northwest:)

Feliz Navidad and Joyeaux Noel and Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas... yehaw.

Kelli and I would like to join the gifit exchange and also echo what Erin said in his email. We've all known each other for awhile now and I think it's reasonable that we may do a pretty good job of shopping for our secret person without the wish list. I've always felt a little bit funny about getting the gift card. Handing over a 50 dollar bill just doesn't seem like Christmas to me... Please let me do some thinking... I promise it won't be something too weird. Ha.

Alas... recommendation? Well, let's just draw names, set a 50$ limit and let the games begin! Gayle... I hope I get you! But then, it wouldn't be a secret, eh?

By the way, who has the "thegiantspalace" email?

Muchos amoros,


I'm not sure who the "thegiantspalace" guy is. I think it might be that creepy dude in the wheelchair. I can't remember his name. Larry, maybe?

Anyway, uh, I don't really have any insight to add on the Christmas exchange thingy. Christmas is all about spending time with our loved ones, and enjoying the precious gift of family. And on that note, excuse me while I go puke...


Merry Christmas!


Neither Denis nor I have wish lists thought out at this point. Always looking for good books, music, art. What about doing a kind of 'round robin' where we all pick numbers and whoever goes first opens a gift and decides if they will keep it or put it back in the pile and open a new one (not super clear on the details but you know what I mean). Just an idea, whatever you all decide is fine with us.


Well, that's an idea and it is fun too. We could all just buy a $50 gift and then do the round robin thing. Let's get some feedback, okay? I kind of like this idea--thanks Jaclyn!


Okay, so we have two ideas on the table
#1 - Buy general gifts and then draw names on Christmas and choose the gift, etc.
#2 - Draw names but with no wish list.

I aim to please :) so just let me know the votes


What will happen with those who will not be at Christmas dinner?

Kelli McSheehy

I was in favor of picking a random person from my family and then buying them a gift I felt was something they would like based on my lifes experience of knowing them. Not to exceed the $50 mark or at least not too much over that if I found something they might really like. I think the "round Robin would be fun in addition to the regular gift. It could be a regift or something silly or wacky. You guys are great!!

-Erin Witt

Hi Everyone. I like the idea of picking out a gift for someone. Sometime the last person gets stuck with something not always so awesome. I like the round robin as a secondary thing, that could be fun, but I like the personal items too. It should be lots of fun to see you all.

Maybe to help out the personal side, we could all write a paragraph or two about our selves today, and send it to Dad. He could post it on Rapples, then whoever you pick for the gift thingy, you could read about that person on rapples and make an educated decision on you gift purchasing.

For Example,
Oh how I love the holidays and everything that comes with it. Fun food, great decorations, holiday movies and music. The things I love the most are my wonderful kids and awesome husband. I love to bake and do crafty things. My favorite colors are pink and purple. I love Dark chocolate and caramel. I'm a sentimental gal that loves traditions, family and friends. Happy holidays to you all.

Kim Witt, wife of Erin Witt

Okay, it looks like we have somewhat of a consensus from those who have responded. So, we will do the $50 gift exchange without the wish list (unless you really want to suggest something). PLUS, everyone who will be at dinner (disregard this Slade & Kelly) needs to bring another wrapped item as a "white elephant gift". This item CANNOT BE PURCHASED--it must be something that you have at home that you want to get rid of--that's what makes it fun. We will then do the game where you draw numbers and choose a gift, etc similar to what Jax suggested.

Okay--look for my email as to who has "drawn" whom. I think we will have dinner around 5:00 on Christmas. So far, Anke has responded that she is bringing cranberries--hope to hear from the rest of you soon! Love you all bunches!


Thank you for including me in the Christmas email.
I would like to volunteer the Green Bean Casserole for Christmas dinner. Also, I don't like the idea of a gift exchange without the wish list. The wish list was always easy and you received what you wanted. I don't like to guess what you want. For me, that is what it is, a guess, and truthfully I'm not very good at it.
This is my opinion, I hope it doesn't offend anyone.

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